Mobile head gasket repair, serving LA / SFV / Pasadena / Long Beach / Ventura / SB areas since  2011                                                                   Blown head gaskets can be permanently repaired without the cost or risk of tearing down the engine.                                                                     Average price per vehicle $285 (depending on location) 

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The price of a head gasket repair is about 25% of what a shop would charge, with lasting results 

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  If your vehicle can run for 15 minutes, it probably can be repaired.

Steel Seal Elite is a proprietary blend of compounds and microscopic fibers forming interlocking bonded layers,                 which expands and contracts at the same rate as the head gasket, to permanently seal the head gasket, and is            guaranteed not to harm any part of the coolant system.

STEP 1. A Steel Seal Elite Technical Support / Mobile Technician will discuss the head gasket repair process over the phone. Not all head gaskets can be repaired. A five minute phone conversation can determine if the our process can repair your head gasket.                                                                                                                 IF A SERVICE CALL IS SCHEDULED – THE SUCESS RATE IS OVER 95%                                                           STEP 2. After qualifying, A Steel Seal Elite Technical Support / Mobile Technician will come to the vehicle. While flushing the coolant system & preparing it for treatment, the thermostat, water pump, radiator, fans, and radiator cap will be analyzed. After repairing, test drive to insure everything is working.

STEP 3. A written warranty will be provided.



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* * * * * CADILLAC NORTHSTAR * * * * *

  Engine overheating? Loosing coolant? Coolant low light keeps coming on?   Click HERE for Northstar head gasket repair

  There is a price difference for some vehicles which take more steps to repair, including Cadillac Northstars, & some European models.

 A blown head gasket is a break in the seal between the cylinder head and the engine block. For a head gasket to blow, most likely, the engine       overheated and the head gasket got damaged.  Often it is possible to continue driving the vehicle, but it will get worse.                                                     The most common symptoms of a blown head gasket is loss of engine power & white smoke coming out of the tail pipe.                                                                                                                                                Other indicators of a blown head gasket are:                                                                                                                 * Having to add water into the radiator or expansion tank periodically                                                                                                                                                      * Water in the oil – check the oil cap & dip stick for a brown sludge (looks like chocolate milk)                                                                                                          * An engine that idles rough or overheats quickly                                                                                                                                                                                            * Backpressure (bubbling) in the radiator or expansion tank

* There will be a $85 charge for the service call and analysis. If after making all attempts to repair the vehicle, and it is found to be           non-repairable, there will be NO CHARGE for the repair process or materials. After a successful head gasket repair, the $85 service call fee will be will be credited to the total price. If 60 miles or more from Oxnard, additional charges may apply. There are NO hidden charges.                                    * Call for a FREE consultation  844-796-7968  Ex. 1        TEXT / CALL (805) 890-4293